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20 Super Foods to burn fat and build muscle!

Everyone knows you need a well balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and carbs to build a strong body, but do you know the right foods?  Below is a quick refresher of what your fridge should be full of!

  1. Fish Oil– You remembered this one from the nutrition class you took when you first joined Heuser, right?!  In case you forgot, fish oil has many benefits, including reducing inflammation, increasing testosterone levels, and lowering body fat.
  2. Whole Eggs- Contrary to popular belief, the yolk holds much of the egg’s nutrients, including half the protein and Vitamins A/D/E.  If you are worried about cholesterol, fret not- dietary cholesterol is not bound to blood cholesterol.
  3. Wild Salmon- Key word: WILD.  Wild salmon is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, but farm raised salmon is lacking omega-3s due to it being corn/grain fed.
  4. Flax Seeds- Flax seeds contain fiber, protein, AND omega-3s, and it is easy to mix in with smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal etc.  Avoid flax oil though- it is devoid of fiber and unstable!
  5. Yogurt- No, we don’t mean the decadent chocolate mousse treats they are trying to pass off as yogurt.  Avoid yogurts with added sugar or fruits in the bottom as well.  Stick to plain, low fat yogurt, and jazz it up with berries, flax seeds, or honey to get the biggest benefit of healthy bacteria for your stomach.
  6. Berries- A great source of antioxidants and disease preventing compounds, berries can easily be mixed with yogurt, oatmeal, shakes, and more! Frozen varieties work just as well, but make sure they don’t have any added sugars!
  7. Extra Virgin Olive Oil- It contains 70% mono saturated fats that protect against cancers and heart disease.  Add 1-2 tbsp to salads, or use when cooking vegetables.
  8. Mixed Nuts- Almonds, walnuts, cashews,hazelnuts…almost any nut falls into this category…even peanut butter (the natural kind)! They contain mono and poly-saturated fats, protein, Vitamin E, zinc, magnesium, potassium, etc.  However, make sure you portion nuts out, as they are calorie dense and easy to keep munching on!
  9. Red meat- Top round and sirloin are the best cuts for your “nutritional” buck, containing protein, b-12, heme iron, zinc, creatine, and carnosine.
  10. Broccoli- High in phytochemicals (cancer-fighting) and indoles (anti-estrogenic), broccoli is an easy go-to for a low calorie, fiber rich veggie to aid in fat loss.  Mix it up with any other vegetable in the cruciferous family, including kale, bok choy, cabbage, and cauliflower.
  11. Spinach- Now we know why Popeye loved spinach!  Versatile and nutrient dense, it prevents muscle and bone loss, and aids in cancer and heart disease prevention.
  12. Turkey- If you are looking for a meat option low in saturated fat, white turkey is a great choice-it contains almost 0g!
  13. Quinoa- A late bloomer in the grain world, but much higher in protein, fiber, and flavor than oats or rice.  Great addition to post-workout meals!
  14. Oats- High in soluble fiber and full of low gi-carbs, oats are highly versatile and a great assistant in lowering cholesterol.
  15. Tomatoes- Lycopene, a key component in tomatoes, is an aid in cancer prevention.
  16. Oranges- Juices with added sugars don’t count!  Fill up on whole oranges or make your own juice to get plenty of vitamin C, magnesium, and beta carotines.
  17. Apples- The strongest antioxidant after cranberries, apples also aid in weight loss by increasing satiety. Stick with organic apples to avoid pesticide contamination.
  18. Carrots- Yummy both cooked and raw, carrots rank among the top for vitamin A content and are rich in fiber, and low calorie.
  19. Water- Well, duh.  Somehow, even though we know this, we rarely get enough. Strive to drink 2 glasses of water with each meal to prevent dehydration.
  20. Green Tea- High in antioxidants and helps fat loss, green tea is a great replacement for coffee.  Stick with actual tea though, not the tea bags!