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2016 Heuser Derby and Oaks Results!

Thanks to all who competed in this year’s Derby and Oaks races! A big congratulations to all of our participants, especially our TOP finishers listed below!

Derby                         Oaks

        Dean Heibert 32:20        Jim Hutchinson 23:06

    Sally Etherton 34:17      Dana Yurkanin 23:33

  Jordan Reynolds 38:35    Bryce Prather 23:42

      Van Stoutt 40:00              Kayla Yurkanin 24:41

 Paula Phillips 43:46        Paula Durbin 26:55

Phil Eleson 47:26            Dan Bass 34:00

   Andy Goetz 48:00           Allison Beall 34:27

Make sure to prepare for the upcoming Preakness Stakes, to be completed between May 16-21!