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2017 Cross Corporate Challenge Results!

The long-awaited 2017 Heuser Cross-Corporate Challenge results are here!  We had a record number of participants (and thus a record number of time compiling results) and some amazing performances, countless personal bests.  That’s what this is about, reaching numbers you never thought possible.  So, CONGRATULATIONS to ALL who participated!  Always a blast!

In a CLOSE one, Texas Roadhouse has pulled out the Team competition, followed by Brown Forman, Heuser River Road, and more! Congrats to Texas Roadhouse! And congrats to our Individual Champions, both representing Brown Forman: John Schweinhart and Sally Etherton.
Great job to all and looking forward to the next go around!
CC results
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Heuser High Five: Martha Culpepper

Her Heuser Story:

Martha is originally from New Orleans, where she lived most of her life. She is married and has one daughter.  Growing up, she played all available sports and taught exercise at a gym/spa after college. She substitute taught all subjects at her K-12 school, from P.E. to chemistry and physics. Tennis, running, and yoga were her favorite activities for many years. Unfortunately, her knees have forced her to work out and walk in place of tennis and running for the last 15 years. Martha and her husband moved to Louisville two years ago and joined the Louisville Boat Club just before they teamed with Heuser Health. The partnership has allowed her to take classes at both facilities. Martha says “I especially like the instructors because they keep things interesting and challenging. I like that we can push ourselves individually within the class. I have enjoyed the weekly challenges as well as the countdowns to the New Year. I also like the health and nutrition tips given regularly at Heuser. I personally try to push myself to use heavier weights and to do all of the exercises in good form to the best of my ability. As a result, I have lost 10 lbs and feel more fit than I have been in years. My new mantra is: 70 is the new 50!”

IMG_0635 IMG_0857

Fun Facts about Martha

  • Enjoys all kinds of puzzles
  • Used to teach exercise as well!
  • Likes to travel!

Easy Guide to Stop Shoulder Pain!

Easy Guide to STOP Shoulder Pain….Without Injections Or Medicine!
From Dr. Brad Conder
Shoulder discomfort can be common when starting a fitness routine. Here are some tips to help:
Sidelying Internal Rotation Stretch – Sleeper Stretch
Start by lying on your side with the affected arm on the bottom.  Your affected arm should be bent at the elbow and your forearm pointed upwards toward the ceiling as shown.  Next, use your unaffected arm to gently draw your affected forearm towards the table or bed.
Repeat: 3 times
Hold: 20 seconds
Perform: 2 times daily
Doorway Pectoral Stretch- 3 Positions
stretch 2
Standing in the doorway, one foot in front of the other, hands on the doorjam.
1. Start with hands at shoulder height, elbows down like a “W”.  Gently shift weight until you feel a stretch.
2. Raise arms up so elbows are at shoulder height (can rest on door frame) and gently shift forward until you feel a stretch.
3. Arms up overhead, shift forward until you feel a stretch.
Repeat: 3 times
Hold: 20 seconds
Perform: 2 times daily
Always avoid pain!
Taking 5 minutes before and after exercise is all it takes to give your shoulder less strain. If you don’t know the proper stretches, just ask your trainer and they will help.
Additional Tips
●Don’t ignore your pain. Heuser Health has provided the best trainers and staff to meet your health needs. By telling your trainer your concerns they know exactly how to help modify or change your exercise to help the shoulder pain during
●Watch your posture and workstation ergonomics, forward rounded shoulders and slumped posture greatly adds to shoulder strain and tightness.
●Sometimes you are doing everything above and there is still some pain. If you need more help ask your trainer to get you a free consult with Brad. Text 502-509-3136 for a free phone consult or to setup a meeting time at Heuser Health

Start A Streak!

Don’t underestimate the power of a streak.  It’s amazing the momentum one can build by doing something EVERY DAY, even if it’s a seemingly small challenge.  The impact this makes over time can be tremendous, resulting in a much fitter, healthier and happier body.
The first key to the streak is that it is a relatively simple challenge.  If the challenge is too difficult, there is NO WAY you are going to stick with it.  Make it something small and manageable; even small things add up to big results over the course of a year.
Simply enough, the next key to the streak, is keeping it alive. This adds to the motivation.  “I’ve had this streak going for 37 days, I’m not going to let it die now!”  The momentum just builds and builds; and you begin to see and feel the positive results.  Try not to miss a SINGLE day!  This maintains the power of the streak!  Don’t say “if I skip today, I’ll do double tomorrow.”  No, just do it today and keep it alive!  
Let others know about your plan and your progress.  This helps hold you accountable, and also motivates others to join in.  “I’ve made it 47 days in a row, and I’m not stopping now!”
Ideas for Streaks:
An extra 1/4 mile per day at the end of the day: walking/jogging .25 miles, will take 90s to 5 minutes.  This seems small.  Exactly!  BUT, it adds up to 90 miles over a year, almost 4 marathons!
30 Crunches per day – takes 30 seconds and adds up to 11,000 crunches over the year and a tightened midsection!
30 Pushups per day – talk about toned shoulders, triceps, chest and more.  30 a day is not too much, but enough to rack up 11,000 pushups and good lookin’ delts
30 Squats per day – 11,000 squats in a year, enough said.  Your legs will be STRONG and SVELTE.
A vegetable every day – find a way to have a veggie EVERY day.  Sounds easy, and it is.  But most people don’t do it.
The options are endless!  Think of something you’re passionate about or would like to work on; identify a small dose of it, and DO IT EVERY SINGLE DAY, start your streak, YOU CAN DO IT!
Another option is to create a new streak every month and shoot for 30-day streaks.
The power and momentum of THE STREAK are invaluable.  Let’s GO!

Easy Guide to Stop Knee Pain!

Easy Guide to STOP KNEE PAIN….Without Injections, Medicine Or Knee Braces

About the author Brad Conder, PT.

Dr. Brad Conder is owner and operator of Focus Physical Therapy.  He is board certified in orthopedic physical therapy and has been a physical therapist for 12 years. Brad received his physical therapy degree from the University of Kentucky in 2004 and his doctorate in physical therapy from Regis University in 2007. His physical therapy passions and interests include: Fitness physical therapy, industrial medicine, early intervention injury prevention and wellness and all things orthopedics.  

His mission in starting his own physical therapy practice is to put YOU first. With individual private treatments, patient care is Focused to improve the physical therapy experience.


When beginning a fitness program, it is natural and common to experience knee aches and pain.

Don’t worry!  You made the right decision and make sure to keep up the good work. This guide will help you understand knee pain and how to stop it.

Have you ever heard or said to yourself:

  • “My knee is bone to bone and there is nothing I can do!”

  • “I have torn cartilage and there is nothing I can do!”

  • “My knee has hurt for years and it won’t get better!”

GOOD NEWS!! Studies show there is hope and you can stop that knee pain.

See below for your guide to stopping the pain!!


1) Heuser Trainers are the BEST!


Don’t ignore your pain. Heuser Health has provided the best trainers and staff to meet your health needs.  By telling your trainer your concerns, they know exactly how to help modify or change your exercise to help the knee pain during workouts.


2) Keep it up


Do not give up!  You made the correct decision to get healthy. By getting stronger you will get more knee support and when you lose weight you will take pressure off your knees.  For example: when climbing stairs, for every 1 lb of weight you lose, 5 lbs of force comes off your knees. If you lose 10 lbs, that is 50 lbs of force off your knees.


3) Watch the shoes


During all exercise, or even daily activity the improper shoes for the job can cause extra stress on the knee.  Making sure you have the proper shoes during exercise can make a big difference.


4) Stretching


Taking 5 minutes before and after exercise is all it takes to give your knees less pressure.  If you don’t know the proper stretches for your knees, just ask your trainers and they will help.


5) Physical Therapy
You guessed it! Physical Therapy can help end the knee pain without injections, medicine or braces. Sometimes you are doing everything above and there is still some pain.  If you need more help ask your trainer to get you a free consult with Brad.  Text 502-509-3136 for a free phone consult or to setup a meeting time at Heuser health.


Heuser High Five: Geoff and Lori Ruscoe

We are starting off 2017 with a BANG!  A dynamic duo for the beginning of the New Year!

His Heuser Story:

20161218_160308 dsc_0389

Geoff was born and raised in Louisville, KY, and has been interested in computers and technology since he started tinkering with his first computer in fourth grade.  He is now a Software Engineer/Architect and Papa John’s International.  Geoff had been wanting to get healthier with his wife Lori, so they attended one of Heuser Health’s on-campus nutrition lectures.  They were so impressed with the lecture and the benefits of exercise that they immediately signed up for the Heuser program on Papa John’s campus! Since joining the program, Geoff and Lori may be our biggest success stories EVER!  Geoff says “when I got started I was in terrible shape and could hardly do anything in my original assessment. Several half sit ups and a few knee pushups.  Now I am up to above 40 pushups and 40 crunches in the timed test.”  He has lost a total of 33 lbs, 6.5% in body fat, and over 10 inches off his waist!  He now even enjoys biking at maximum resistance and burpees!  Geoff has really enjoyed the incremental improvements he feels and sees through the long term commitment to working out.  He likes being a great role model for his kids and hopes they get the exercise fever and enjoys working out as much as he does now!

Fun Facts about Geoff

  • Likes technology, computers, and software development
  • Loves the Louisville Cardinals!
  • Also enjoys meditating, reading, gardening, and working out of course!

Her Heuser Story:

20161218_160226 dsc_0389

 Lori was born and raised in New Albany, IN and moved to Louisville in 2003.  She has been married to Geoff for 11 years and they have a daughter, 9, and a son, 5.  She is a Software Developer at Papa John’s International.  She knew she and Geoff needed to make a change in their lifestyle, and the nutrition lecture on August 11, 2015 was the start of that.  They began eating better immediately and began Heuser classes in September 2015. Lori has noticed tremendous changes since beginning the program and has broken records!  She has lost a total of 35 pounds, 10.3% body fat, and 8 inches off her waist!  She said she has more energy, more endurance, and has lost inches and gained muscle.  Lori says the program “has been life changing.”  She wants to keep pushing the limits, improve her form on exercises, and do a “real” pushup someday!  (We know she can do it!)  Lori and Geoff are the ultimate success story and proof that hard work really does pay off.  GREAT WORK to this awesome team!!

Fun Facts about Lori

  • Enjoys cooking and gardening
  • Loves the Louisville Cardinals as well!
  • Also likes to spend time going to concerts, and working out!

17 to ’17 New Year’s Countdown!

Our New Year’s Countdown is in full swing!  Complete each daily challenge and get new Heuser T-shirt!  Click on the picture to englarge the image and make sure you are knocking out each day!



5 Ways to Sweat Out Holiday Stress!

Typically when we think of stress reducing exercise, we think of yoga or some other form of calming activity like meditation.  Sometimes though, we need a more effective form of release to prevent us from boiling over.  High intensity training is an effective and cathartic method to blow off steam-and, as a Heuser member, you are already familiar with it!  If you need some additional stress relief outside of class, here are a few exercises you can perform to keep that positive attitude while your battling that holiday traffic at the malls:

  1. Tabata Drills– Tabata consists of the same exercise for 20 seconds, and a 10 second rest, for 8 rounds, for a total of 4 minutes.  You can use the Tabata method for almost any exercise: pushups, burpees, bicep curls, jumping rope etc.  Pick your favorite and modify if necessary as you complete each round.
  2. Medicine Ball Slams– Now you can get the satisfaction of slamming a door without causing any damage! You can slam the ball straight down or rotate to further engage your core muscles.  Stick to three to five rounds of 10 to maximize stress reduction.med-ball
  3. Sprinting- If running is your way of beating stress, try sprinting to switch it up.  You only need short windows of time for this (think 30 seconds) but a longer recovery time due to your exertion level. Try 5 sets of 30 second sprints with a 1-2 minute walking rest.run
  4. Kettlebell or Dumbell Swings– The flowing motion of a kettlebell can be soothing for some.  However, this is not a movement to be taken lightly!  With proper form, swings are an excellent core and glute booster.  Try 5 sets of 10 to 20 swings, resting 30 seconds between sets. kettlebell
  5.  Box Jumps- A form of plyometrics, box jumps can literally help you jump out of stress.  Be conservative with your box height when starting out.  The goal is to jump for higher reps with grace and control, not low reps with high height. It’s a fantastic feeling when you glide on top of that box with ease!

As always, make sure you hydrate to keep those endorphins up!