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Use It or Lose It: The Importance of Building Muscle

By: Lauren Berryman As the old adage goes, “use it or lose it.” If you do not use your muscles, you will lose them. That is why strength training is important, especially when dieting and aging. In addition to cardiovascular exercise, strength training is necessary to develop a balanced exercise regime. Building lean muscle helps […]

Weekly yoga classes available on Sundays at Heuser Health! Here is why you should try it out.

  By: Lauren Berryman Yoga originated in India around 3000 B.C. and is practiced globally today. The word “yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit term yujir meaning “to unite.” 1 More specifically, yoga unites one’s mind, body, and spirit as the exercise promotes both mental and physical health. Yoga is a type of neuromotor exercise […]

Lift Weights to Lose Weight!

Muscle is the major determinant to metabolism.  Every pound of muscle burns up to 50 calories a day.  Thus, add 2 pounds of muscle, you’ve just built in a 10 pound weight burn throughout the course of a year.  On the flip side, go on a crash diet while only doing cardio for exercise, you […]

Heuser High Five: Greg Blakemore

    His Heuser Story: Greg’s Heuser Story: Greg is originally from Harrodsburg, Ky but grew up in Louisville. Greg owns a company called the Nehemiah Group and Compassion Medical Network. He is Married to Karen Blakemore and they have 2 daughters, Dana and Lauren.  Greg decided to join Heuser Health after being diagnosed with […]

Heuser High Five: Rick Redding

  Heuser High Five – Rick Redding Rick is a Louisville native, went to Iroquois HS, class of ’78 and graduated from Western Kentucky in ’82. Rick has worked in media since 1996, first as a Business First reporter, and later as the city’s first online news blogger. Now Rick owns and operates LouisvilleKY.com, RustySatelliteShow.com […]

Kentucky Derby Workout 2018

  Get through the workout as fast as possible! Winner receives a Heuser Health tshirt. We go by the honor system so no cheating! Good luck and happy racing

Stop With the Excuses! Get Your Workout in!

I am tired… I am too busy… It is too nice outside… I don’t feel like it… Have you ever heard say of these phrases? You aren’t alone! There are so many things that happen in this crazy world of ours. We understand that it makes it tough to get to the gym sometimes. However, […]

Muscle Groups You Need to Stop Ignoring

  Many people want to get their “beach bodies” ready for spring and the upcoming summer months. As the weather warms up and trips to the pool become a regular part of your life, it is easy to just focus on the major muscle groups, while neglecting some of the smaller and harder to work […]

Exercise: It can improve your GPA!

Exercise is good for you. Ground breaking statement! I think just about all of us know this to be true. However, a lot of people don’t really think about the changes it can make to your body on a deeper level other than “I need to lose weight because it is good for me.” Well, […]