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On The Go Workouts!

It’s finally summer! Often, many of us spend weeks on vacation, or relaxing by the pool etc.   If you are traveling,  you can definitely slack on your workouts, right? No equipment, no time.   FALSE!!! You don’t need any equipment in order to get a solid workout in. It is important to maintain working […]

2017 Cross Corporate Challenge Results!

The long-awaited 2017 Heuser Cross-Corporate Challenge results are here!  We had a record number of participants (and thus a record number of time compiling results) and some amazing performances, countless personal bests.  That’s what this is about, reaching numbers you never thought possible.  So, CONGRATULATIONS to ALL who participated!  Always a blast! In a CLOSE […]

Start A Streak!

Don’t underestimate the power of a streak.  It’s amazing the momentum one can build by doing something EVERY DAY, even if it’s a seemingly small challenge.  The impact this makes over time can be tremendous, resulting in a much fitter, healthier and happier body. The first key to the streak is that it is a […]

17 to ’17 New Year’s Countdown!

Our New Year’s Countdown is in full swing!  Complete each daily challenge and get new Heuser T-shirt!  Click on the picture to englarge the image and make sure you are knocking out each day!

5 Ways to Sweat Out Holiday Stress!

Typically when we think of stress reducing exercise, we think of yoga or some other form of calming activity like meditation.  Sometimes though, we need a more effective form of release to prevent us from boiling over.  High intensity training is an effective and cathartic method to blow off steam-and, as a Heuser member, you […]

How Do We Tone Muscle??

How do we Tone Muscle?? Everyone wants a little more tone and definition, the question is how do we accomplish this?!  By lifting small weights and going for the high repetition burn?? NO.  This will do next to NOTHING. The only way to tone muscle is to increase its size and decrease the body fat […]

2016 Weight Loss Challenge Winners are IN!

Our 2016 Weight Loss challenge results are IN!! Female Winners are…. 1. Lisa Thompson with 3.68% of weight lost! 2. Amy Stemmle with 3.20% of weight lost! Male winners are…. 1. Bruce Talbert with 4.86% of weight lost! 2. Larry Gatti with 4.44% of weight lost! Congrats to our winners and all of our other […]

Why do the “Biggest Losers” gain all of their weight back?!

A recent NY Times article documented how the vast majority of “Biggest Loser” contestants gain most if not all of their weight back, and sometimes beyond their starting weight. Pretty depressing news for many people. Why is this??  In short, your body has a ‘set-point,’ and the longer you have been a certain weight, the more comfortable your […]