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ROTW: Skinny Chicken Pot Pie

Skinny Chicken Pot Pie  Every now and then a recipe comes along that blows the rest to the curb. Our Skinny Chicken Pot Pie is sure to be a favorite during the cold months ahead. We’ve cut calories, but not flavor by using non fat greek yogurt (19 grams protein a serving)! For the crust, […]

ROTW: Guilt-Free Oatmeal Cran Cookies

Figuring out the best way to make a cookie healthy is not easy. We tried baking many different ways and settled on this delicious Oatmeal Cran Cookie. We substituted coconut oil instead of butter, applesauce and honey for sweetness, and whole wheat flour instead of white. These cookies and sugar free and so good to […]

Recipe of the week: Summer’s End Fish Stew

Fall is upon us, but the weather is still serves up summer feels. Before we transition into hearty warm dishes, soak up the last of summer with our “Summer’s End Fish Stew.” It’s the perfect transition meal to bide the time till the leaves drop.  Ingredients   2 TBS extra virgin olive oil  1 large […]

ROTW: Baked Sweet Potato Fries

Quick, easy and filled with nutrients. Switch the fast food fries for these easy to bake, sweet potato fries!  Ingredients  2 large sweet potatoes  2 TBS extra virgin olive oil  1/2 tsp salt  1/2 tsp ground pepper  1/4 tsp paprika  Directions Preheat oven to 425 degrees  Rinse and peel sweet potatoes  Cut sweet potatoes into […]

Eating Like a Vulture – Why You Should Refrain From Mystery Meats

By: Lauren Berryman We, as human beings, are omnivores, meaning we eat plants and animals. However, some people choose to eliminate meat from their diets for health reasons or ethical concerns. Nevertheless, since we are at the top of the animal kingdom, we should eat like it. That means refraining from mystery meats. Here at […]

Why You Should Say “No” to Processed Foods

By: Lauren Berryman Nowadays, Americans are busier than ever. From working nine to five to picking kids up from school to running errands around town and so on, we crave convenience. Convenience takes the form of fast food restaurants, microwavable meals and vending machine snacks. However, these processed foods, which are presumed to be convenient, […]

Hydration in the Summer Heat

By: Lauren Berryman With high temperatures surpassing 90 degrees lately, Louisvillians must ensure they are staying hydrated in this summer heat. With many activities outdoors, hydration is of upmost importance. The human body is composed of over 60 percent water, and it cannot function without it. Water aids metabolic processes, regulates body temperature, controls blood […]

# ROTW Strawberry and Avocado Chicken Salad

  Strawberry and Avocado Chicken Salad  Amp up your chicken salad while toning down the fat this summer with our Strawberry and Avocado Chicken Salad! With just 6 ingredients and 150 calories per serving, this salad is a delicious home run!  Ingredients (Serves 6) 2 Avocados (Shelled and diced) 1 TBS Lemon Juice 1/2 cup […]

Grill Up a Healthy 4th of July Cookout

By: Lauren Berryman Now that summer cookouts are in full swing, enjoy surrounding yourself with family and friends. Here is a healthy twist to your 4th of July cookout that will surely set off fireworks (see recipes below).   One of the best parts of cooking out is grilling. And, grilling is a healthier way […]

Sip Some Summer Smoothies

By: Lauren Berryman   Happy Summer! Here’s to more trips to the pool, cookouts with family and friends, and classic sweltering temperatures we Louisvillians know all too well!   Fresh, homemade smoothies are a popular way to stay cool this summer. The great thing about smoothies is that you can practically use any combination of […]