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Louis S. Heuser, Sr., MD, MS, FACS

Louis S. Heuser, Sr., MD, MS, FACS

In my surgical career, I became aware of the importance of nutrition in healing surgical wounds, which carried over into the science of building healthy athletes/children and adults. In the late 90's, I developed a personal interest in Exercise Science in building and maintaining healthy bodies and preventing disease and maintaining optimal personal wellness. Through Heuser Health and Fitness, we continue to perform experiments to promote the science of nutrition and exercise. Now Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement at Heuser Health is the new science of optimal aging and personal health, both mentally and physically. The Heuser brand has come full circle into "Heuser Complete Care", still utilizing primary prevention with nutrition and exercise while managing Adult Primary Care on a cash basis for chronic and sick/acute care.

Peggy J. Heuser MSN, APRN, NP-C

Peggy J. Heuser MSN, APRN, NP-C

Over thirty years of my nursing career were spent within the traditional surgical area of nursing, and the last 16 in Prevention. I am taking the primary tools of Preventive Medicine as a nurse using effective exercise and nutrition, to my practice as a Nurse Practitioner with Heuser Complete Care. I plan to include complimentary forms of medicine such as Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement and Physical Therapy; which help to promote optimized health. With exercise and eating to fuel, build, and repair the body…chronic disease can be treated and prevented.


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