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DHEA men and women

DHEA – an important supplement for both men and women:

      1- Reduces the risk of developing CV disease by increasing lipolysis (decreases visceral fat)

      2- Stimulates the immune system

      3- Restores sexual vitality

      4- Improves mood

      5- Decreases cholesterol and body fat

      6- Improves memory

      7- Increases energy, and has anti-cancer properties

      8- A natural antidepressant

      9- Improves mood and overall feeling of well being

      10- Improves energy and memory

      11. Slows the aging process in lab animals

      12- Precursor to other important hormones like Testosterone

      13- Lowers cortisol levels – which helps to decrease abdominal fat and improves sleep

DHEA supplementation has gotten amazing results for our patients.  Interested in optimizing your DHEA levels?  Allow Heuser Optimized Health to meet with you, complete a comprehensive exam and ask you those vital questions that affect your hormonal make-up.  At Heuser Optimized Health,  our team can provide customized solutions to help you… CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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