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Easy Guide to Stop Knee Pain!

Easy Guide to STOP KNEE PAIN….Without Injections, Medicine Or Knee Braces

About the author Brad Conder, PT.

Dr. Brad Conder is owner and operator of Focus Physical Therapy.  He is board certified in orthopedic physical therapy and has been a physical therapist for 12 years. Brad received his physical therapy degree from the University of Kentucky in 2004 and his doctorate in physical therapy from Regis University in 2007. His physical therapy passions and interests include: Fitness physical therapy, industrial medicine, early intervention injury prevention and wellness and all things orthopedics.  

His mission in starting his own physical therapy practice is to put YOU first. With individual private treatments, patient care is Focused to improve the physical therapy experience.


When beginning a fitness program, it is natural and common to experience knee aches and pain.

Don’t worry!  You made the right decision and make sure to keep up the good work. This guide will help you understand knee pain and how to stop it.

Have you ever heard or said to yourself:

  • “My knee is bone to bone and there is nothing I can do!”

  • “I have torn cartilage and there is nothing I can do!”

  • “My knee has hurt for years and it won’t get better!”

GOOD NEWS!! Studies show there is hope and you can stop that knee pain.

See below for your guide to stopping the pain!!


1) Heuser Trainers are the BEST!


Don’t ignore your pain. Heuser Health has provided the best trainers and staff to meet your health needs.  By telling your trainer your concerns, they know exactly how to help modify or change your exercise to help the knee pain during workouts.


2) Keep it up


Do not give up!  You made the correct decision to get healthy. By getting stronger you will get more knee support and when you lose weight you will take pressure off your knees.  For example: when climbing stairs, for every 1 lb of weight you lose, 5 lbs of force comes off your knees. If you lose 10 lbs, that is 50 lbs of force off your knees.


3) Watch the shoes


During all exercise, or even daily activity the improper shoes for the job can cause extra stress on the knee.  Making sure you have the proper shoes during exercise can make a big difference.


4) Stretching


Taking 5 minutes before and after exercise is all it takes to give your knees less pressure.  If you don’t know the proper stretches for your knees, just ask your trainers and they will help.


5) Physical Therapy
You guessed it! Physical Therapy can help end the knee pain without injections, medicine or braces. Sometimes you are doing everything above and there is still some pain.  If you need more help ask your trainer to get you a free consult with Brad.  Text 502-509-3136 for a free phone consult or to setup a meeting time at Heuser health.