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Heuser High Five: Greg Blakemore



His Heuser Story: Greg’s Heuser Story: Greg is originally from Harrodsburg, Ky but grew up in Louisville. Greg owns a company called the Nehemiah Group and Compassion Medical Network. He is Married to Karen Blakemore and they have 2 daughters, Dana and Lauren. 

Greg decided to join Heuser Health after being diagnosed with diabetes. After meeting with Dr. Heuser and Peggy, he was ready to get started. Since joining the program, he has seen some huge improvements! Greg’s body fat% went from 26% down to 20%. In addition to that, Greg says his waist measurements went down, and that he is seeing definition in his arms, chest and legs. His strength is increasing too! 

Greg started the program weighing 220 pounds and it now down to 198. His end goal is to weigh 180 lbs. We have no doubt that you will reach that goal, keep up the great work Greg!

Fun Facts About Greg:

  • Greg and Karen love to travel the world
  • Greg has been on many mission trips and loves participating in bible studies
  • He enjoys business mentoring as well
  • Greg will soon be a grandfather! His daughter and her husband are expecting their first child in November!