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Heuser High Five: Pam Jones

Her Heuser Story:

Pam in Colorado

Pam is a 58 year old mother of two grown children, Meggan and Andrew, and is married to a wonderfully supportive man.  She works full-time for Christian Care Communities, as the HR Benefits Manager and Health and Wellness Program Manager. Her daughter is a 7 year Army Veteran who was deployed twice to Iraq (deployed a total of 2 years), was a part of the 82nd Airborne and Med Evac Unit.  She graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University with a degree in Aeronautics/Air Traffic Control.  Her son is a full-time PJ with the Louisville Air National Guard (Pararescueman).  PJ’s are part of the Military Special Forces.  She is very proud of both of her children! Pam joined Heuser is August 2016, after contacting Missy to discuss utilizing Dr. Heuser as a speaker at the CCC yearly Leadership Wellness Summit.  After visiting the facility and speaking with Missy she was given a card for a month of access to the facility.  She tried out a couple of the classes and was hooked!  Since then, she has lost between 1 and 3 lbs-her goal was not really to lose a lot of weight. However, Pam has noticed that her muscle strength is definitely better and more noticeable, especially leg strength which is an area she needed strengthening most! She has lost inches in her waist, her clothes fit much better, and her attitude about life is much more positive! She says “I have always been a positive/optimistic person to begin with but, lack of physical exercise makes me lethargic and negative.  I can tell if I miss a week of the Heuser Program.”  Pam enjoys the flexibility of the classes meaning that she is able to “jump in” at different times of the day that work for her schedule.  “If I arrive at 5:15pm/2:15pm/Noon etc., I can jump in and join the class in progress and continue for an hour of a great workout.  If I can only stay 30 minutes that doesn’t matter, I still get a good workout.  Classes are usually small and I get personal attention from the Personal Trainers who lead the classes, making sure my form is always correct and that I am getting the most out of each exercise.  I LOVE the interval training concept, especially on the stationary equipment; it makes the time go by quickly and eliminates boredom.  The workouts are always very different so you never know what to expect!”

Pam Energizer Bunny

Fun Facts about Pam

  • She loves to garden and do yard work – it clears her mind and has a great payoff mentally and physically!
  • She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and is passionate about quality foods and personal care
  • She has participated in 13 Mini Marathons!

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