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Compared to other hormone replacement companies, our program is less expensive, more responsibly managed, and offers direct access to our workout facilities, exercise physiologists, and nutrition counseling.

You can have optimized health through Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, exercise science and nutritional counseling ALL in an effort to Change Your Life!

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy with a twist. We set our patients on a course for success by offering professional & responsible treatment options plus expert fitness & nutrition.

*Annual program –   $1,990.00  (Reflects $110.00 discount)

*Monthly program – $175.00 per month (Monthly option available… 6 month minimum required)

Maintenance and Renewal Patients

*Annual program –   $1,880.00  (Reflects $100.00 discount)

*Monthly program –  $165.00 per month  (Monthly option available… 6 month minimum required)

*Spouses/family members receive 20% Discount on the terms stated above.

Botox Cosmetic can make your wrinkles disappear, lift your brow, diminish crows feet, etc. The possibilities are endless! Each treatment is administered by our highly experienced nurse practitioner.

Members -$10/Unit; Non-Members-$12/Unit

Juvederm Family of Dermal Fillers; Take years off your face with these non-surgical treatments. Our nurse practitioner helps our patients look fabulous by increasing their cheek volume, filling in wrinkles, & plumping their lips.

Members-$550 per 1mL Syringe; Non-Members-$585 per 1mL Syringe

Vitamin Injections; Eating nutrient rich foods is the best way to get our vitamins, but sometimes we may need an extra boost. Our vitamin cocktails include B1,2,3,6,8 & 12, plus Vit C, methionine, & choline.

Members-$15 per injection; Non-members-$20 per injection

Heuser Complete Care; Personalized primary care medicine including wellness exams that are detailed & informative. Chronic disease & medication management. Unlimited sick visits 24/7. Expert fitness & nutrition included.

Starting at $132/month; Spouses Receive 25% Discount

ELEVATE Fitness; One-hour efficient & highly effective training classes, led by our own exercise physiologists, are held at both locations every day of the week (Mellwood Arts Center & Blankenbaker Parkway).

Cost varies depending upon your package (Options include diagnostic testing, gym usage, exercise classes, accountability check-ins & nutrition support)


Please call for further information: (502) 882-4252


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