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The importance of Cross-Training!

Scared to try something new?

Don’t be! There is an importance to trying new things, especially when it comes to your choice of cardio during a workout. There are big benefits to getting off your trusty elliptical and hopping on a spin bike for a day.

One it prevents overuse injuries. Two, it’s a different challenge to the muscles, mind and nervous system. The body will actually burn many more calories on a new piece of equipment because of the inefficiency of movement, learning a new move takes extra energy. Three, it gets you out of the rut of the same routine over and over, the body and muscles become complacent, as well as the mind. Four, it will only enhance your ability on your typical machines; you’ll be stronger in different ways when you return to your normal machine.

Try starting the first 1/2 or 1/3 of cardio on ‘familiar ground,’ then switch to a brand new piece of equipment. Even if you can only survive a couple or few minutes on a new machine and then return to your comfortable machine, that’s fine. Next time, try to go a little longer and build up each time.