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Introducing Heuser Optimized Health!


As you know, the professionals at Heuser Health are committed to providing you with the most complete preventive medical care available. For over 15 years, we have served our membership by combining advanced diagnostic wellness exams with effective exercise programming and the most up to date nutritional information available.

In an effort to improve on this comprehensive menu of health solutions for our members, Dr Louis Heuser and Peggy Heuser APRN are now proud to offer “Heuser Optimized Aging” for our participants.

Aging is different for all of us and happens at various ages.  Hormones play a big role in how we age and are a vital component in maintaining balance in our bodies. As we age, we begin to lose hormones (both males and females) that are vital to building muscle, losing weight, maintaining body composition, and avoiding and treating common diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Our Optimized Aging program uses state of the art lab testing and physician-managed prescriptions to help you achieve and maintain proper hormonal balance while exercising regularly and eating nutritionally.

This program is based on proven scientific fact- not potions or gimmicks. However, unlike many hormone replacement companies that have flooded the Louisville area recently, Heuser Health plans to help you restore hormones to optimal levels without over treatment.  Beginning now, Heuser Health members can have hormone panels expertly reviewed and begin to replace the essential balance that is needed to allow them to achieve optimized health all while preventing and treating disease, growing muscle, losing fat and restoring vitality.

To add the Optimized Aging program to your membership, you will need to schedule an appointment with either Dr. Heuser or Peggy and have your periodic Heuser Diagnostic Exam plus a detailed review of your medical history.  We will obtain vital signs, body measurements and perform a current fitness test.  Appropriate lab work will be prescribed and labs can be drawn at any local area LabCorp.  The exam is typically covered by all major medical insurance (except Humana) with no co-pay or deductible.  In many cases, the labs are covered as well.

A follow-up consultation will be scheduled approximately one week from your initial exam to review the lab values, your medical history and all your recent biometrics. A Plan of Care and some personal health goals will be established for you at this time.  This appointment will be scheduled for one hour and you will be provided detailed info on your course of treatment.

If lab findings are normal, no hormone replacement maybe be required and we will focus our attention on establishing new ways to optimize your health including possible nutrition education, specialty fitness classes etc. We will plan to see you back in 6-12 months to re-evaluate your progress.

If your labs are not within an optimal range, hormone replacement therapy will be prescribed, other abnormalities will be discussed and treatment will be recommended.  Initially, it will be necessary to see you each month to re-draw the abnormal labs and update measurements until we are within an optimal range.  Once “Optimized Health” is achieved we will follow you quarterly to review your numbers and measure and evaluate your progress.

Compared to other hormone replacement companies, our program is significantly less expensive, more responsibly managed, requires no contract or pre-payment and GETS BETTER RESULTS because we include comprehensive fitness and nutritional programming.

The initial Diagnostic Exam and potential lab order are covered under most insurance free of charge. (Humana does not participate and patients will be charged for a $50 Vitality Check at check-in)

The follow up consultation and construction of your plan of care is only $130.

If a member enters the Optimized Aging program, the member’s monthly maintenance fee will increase by only $130 to cover the added services with no contract and no pre-payment.

Payment will continue to be drawn from your account on the first of each month.  If you choose to cancel the therapy, the monthly rate will revert back to your fitness-only maintenance fee.


  • Please note that Heuser Optimized Aging is for Heuser Health members only. Friends and family are encouraged to participate but will need to join Heuser Health first and actively participate in the fitness and nutrition programs offered to achieve Optimization!


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