Heuser Health


What makes HOH better than the competition?


  • -We do not “just” draw lab work and order hormone replacement for our patients. WE OFFER SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. 
  • -Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are led by our Medical Director, Louis Heuser, MD, who was Chief of Surgery at Norton for over 25 years, and for the last 20 years, has dedicated his career to the science of exercise and nutrition in building and maintaining healthy bodies and preventing disease. He is the Founder of Heuser Health and is Louisville’s recognized authority on personal wellness. 
  • -Heuser takes a holistic approach with each and every patient – starting with a comprehensive exam that includes detailed medical records review, previous and family medical history review, and current health strategies review, etc. 
  • -We discuss each patient’s health & nutrition habits and help them set goals for improvement. We help patients define what success looks like – whether its managing diabetes, looking good in a swim suit, reconnecting with their spouse, sleeping better, or even having more energy. The possibilities are endless! 
  • -We connect and identify our patients to everything offered by Heuser Health, which can take their investment in Hormone Replacement Therapy to a maximum benefit. Our offerings include expert fitness programming with our professional exercise physiologists, nutritional counseling & education, personal training, etc. 
  • -We’re not promising to make our patients young again. We’re promising to give everything we have to helping them achieve their personal version of optimized health – knocking down barriers to success and creating custom, sustainable, life changing goals.
  • -Heuser optimized Health offers a full spectrum of knowledge and services to share with their patients at all levels    of health and wellness. With our range of services there is a good chance that our experienced staff can give you    the solutions you need to improve where you are today… CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

    Call us today! Heuser Health 502 882 4252.