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Member Testamonial: Erica Buchanan

Erica Buchanan has been a member of Heuser Health through Papa Johns since 2014.  Though she had been training regularly and following a nutritious diet, there were still some changes that she wasn’t seeing.  Erica decided to partake in Heuser Health’s new Optimized Health program in December, and had the following to say about her results:


“HRT – Looks like the abbreviation for HEART.   It is Hormone Replacement Therapy.    I have always heard of women and men having hormone issues and needing replacement therapy.     It seemed like something that happens to other people.     Dr.  Louis Heuser did one of the Heuser Health checkups for me and stated that my hormones might be out of balance.   I didn’t know then, how HRT was going to change the current state I was in to what it is now.  

My husband was dying of pancreatic cancer just as I was going through menopause.   I am assuming that the stress and distraction of that time did not alert me to what was going on in my body.   Since going through menopause, I was not able to digest the foods I used to be able to without gas and irritable bowel syndrome.   I was not getting sleep.   No matter what I tried, even prescription medication, sleep was elusive.    I would wake up constantly in the night.   My bones started aching.    And even though I was working out at Heuser and had lost a lot of weight, I was getting weaker and weaker.    I was beginning to feel like perhaps I had some dreaded disease or cancer.  I knew I had to do something to change what was happening to me.   I was so tired all the time the house hold chores have been left undone. 

I had heard that hormone replacement therapy was risky.   From what I was going through, I decided just about anything was worth the risk.   I told Doctor Louis Heuser I would like to try it.   

The Heuser Health Clinic set me up for blood tests to see what levels my hormones were at.    Oh, my.  That was an eye opener.  They found that although my blood did not show any health issues, it did show that all my hormones were very low and my vitamin D levels were also low.    These low hormone levels, some almost non-existent, showed why I couldn’t sleep and why I was getting weaker.    I did not have any progesterone to help me sleep and no testosterone to help me have muscles.    It also explained why I was not able to feel amour toward my husband.   Without the hormones I lost the physical drive to want physical relationship with my husband.  

Peggy Heuser explained that in the past hormone replacement therapy was made with manmade hormones and not naturally occurring hormones.   That is what put us at risk for cancer from the HRT.   The medicinal industry had done research to find out what the hormone replacement issues were.   

The changes I felt were almost immediate.    I was finally able to go into a deep sleep and feel rested in the morning.   I am slowly being able to build up more energy.   I can see that I am not losing muscle mass like I did.   Instead of ignoring the opposite sex, I can admire them.   I am feeling normal now and able to do things I used to.     Although, I need to work harder on what foods I eat, because I am gaining weight again, I am so much healthier than I was.    I found my resistance to illness improving.   

It has been worth my time, blood tests, and expense on the hormone replacement therapy to live a life with energy, rest, and health.   I would recommend this therapy for anyone finding out that their sleep, energy, and emotional states have led to a loss of hormones from menopause (male or female). “


If you would like to learn more about Heuser’s Optimized Health program, feel free to call 502-893-7833 or email lauren@heuserhealth.com!