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Member Testamonial- Jen Cebe

 We love hearing inspiring stories and feedback from our members! Jen Cebe recently wrote in to let us know how much she enjoyed our program.

“Just writing to give a shout out to Heuser’s program and amazing staff.  I started working with Donny (best trainer ever) in April 2014.  My goal was to change up my fitness plan and tone up a bit.  After great results with him and seeing the classes while I was there, he encouraged me and I joined in July 2014.  Since then I have lost 18 pounds, lost a lot of body fat, and gained a ton of muscle.  But the best part is how great I feel and how much energy I have.  I NEVER imagined that at 44 years old I would be in the best shape of my life.  I ran the St Jude Children’s Hospital marathon yesterday and qualified for the Boston Marathon.  If someone really works Heuser’s program they will get great results.  And who doesn’t want to come and work hard once they experience the staff; especially Chris who is super motivating and creative, Matt who is so into it  and encouraging at 6 am, Eric and Rob and all the others, and of course Donny, who pushes us to do our best every time ?!?!”
Just wanted to say Thanks Heuser!!!
Jen Cebe

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