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Heuser High 5! : Tricia Erwin


Trcia Erwin 2

Her Heuser Story:
Tricia Erwin became a member of Heuser Health in November of 2014. Since she has started the program, Tricia has lost approximately 9 pounds as well as about 4 inches off her waist. Tricia has seen an increase in her strength and endurance, and she enjoys the different challenges that she faces in the Gladiator, Bodybuilding, Spinning, and other fitness classes. Tricia states that “the power of Heuser lies in the family atmosphere where all are encouraged to live a healthier lifestyle.” Recently, Tricia’s husband of 19 years, Jonathan, became a member of Heuser Health. Both of them have been working together to be more active not only for each other but also for their children as well. Tricia’s positive and supportive attitude is an encouragement to all of us and a constant reminder that true strength lies in the heart.
Fun Facts about Tricia:

Recent Accomplishments- won the Heuser class challenge for being the female to attend the most classes in a month. Completed the Heuser New Year’s Challenge and has run a total of about 9 half marathons.

Favorite Hobby- loves to sew and knit

Favorite Exercise- jump lunges
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