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Optimized Health

The professionals at Heuser Health are committed to providing you with the most complete preventive medical care available. For over 15 years, we have served our membership by combining advanced diagnostic wellness exams with effective exercise programming and the most up to date nutritional information available. In an effort to improve on this comprehensive menu of health solutions, Dr. Louis Heuser and Peggy Heuser, APRN, are now proud to offer “Heuser Optimized Health.

Aging is different for all of us and happens at various ages. Hormones play a big role in how we age and are a vital component in maintaining balance in our bodies. As we age, we begin to lose hormones (both males and females) that are vital to building muscle, losing weight, maintaining body composition, and avoiding and treating common diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Our Optimized Health Program uses state of the art lab testing and physician-managed prescriptions to help you achieve and maintain proper hormonal balance while exercising regularly and eating nutritionally.