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Progesterone after my Hysterectomy…

Progesterone after my Hysterectomy… “My doctor told me that I didn’t need Progesterone after my hysterectomy because I no longer have a uterus to worry about.” Unfortunately, your doctor is practicing antiquated medicine and that advice is untrue and may jeopardize your health. At Heuser Optimized Health, we are up to date with the latest literature and know that Bioidentical Progesterone Hormone Replacement is actually very health protective and decreases your likelihood of developing breast cancer, helps decrease your risk for osteoporosis / osteopenia, helps to normalize your cholesterol levels and protects you against coronary artery disease and cerebral vascular disease. Call us today @ 882-4252 to see if Bioidentical Progesterone is right for you. Let us help you CHANGE YOUR LIFE​.

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