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Slower Heart = Longer Life!

A brand new study reveals that compared with those who had a resting heart rate of 50 beats per

minute or less, those with resting heart rates of 71 to 80 beats per minute increased their risk of early

death (4-5 years early) by over 50 percent! Those with heart rates between 81 to 90 beats doubled their

risk, and a heart rate over 90 was equated with triple the risk!

The High Intensity Interval Training we do at Heuser is the MOST EFFECTIVE method to lower your

resting heart rate. By stressing your heart muscle with short, high intensity intervals, your heart

becomes much stronger and therefore pumps more blood every beat.  Thus, your stronger heart can

now beat much slower while still delivering the same amount of blood.   A vital key to a longer

life!  Walking is great for you as well, but does NOT strengthen your heart and thus lower your resting

heart rate.  You need the HIGH INTENSITY! Intensity is relative to the individual. The key is that you feel

like you are pushing to a 8/9 on a scale of 1-10 as far as your perceived exertion.

Your Homework: Measure your (one-minute) resting heart rate first thing in the AM, in a calm

state.  See where you stand.  Just 6-weeks of intense interval training can knock 10 beats per minute

from you resting heart rate!  Shoot for a resting heart rate of 65 or less and enjoy a LONGER LIFE!

P.S. You can learn some other things from your resting heart rate. I know I’m either getting sick or am

sick if my resting heart rate is elevated by 10 beats or more. It’s not uncommon for your resting heart

rate to be 20beats per minute higher when sick. Your body is working hard to get better!