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Start A Streak!

Don’t underestimate the power of a streak.  It’s amazing the momentum one can build by doing something EVERY DAY, even if it’s a seemingly small challenge.  The impact this makes over time can be tremendous, resulting in a much fitter, healthier and happier body.
The first key to the streak is that it is a relatively simple challenge.  If the challenge is too difficult, there is NO WAY you are going to stick with it.  Make it something small and manageable; even small things add up to big results over the course of a year.
Simply enough, the next key to the streak, is keeping it alive. This adds to the motivation.  “I’ve had this streak going for 37 days, I’m not going to let it die now!”  The momentum just builds and builds; and you begin to see and feel the positive results.  Try not to miss a SINGLE day!  This maintains the power of the streak!  Don’t say “if I skip today, I’ll do double tomorrow.”  No, just do it today and keep it alive!  
Let others know about your plan and your progress.  This helps hold you accountable, and also motivates others to join in.  “I’ve made it 47 days in a row, and I’m not stopping now!”
Ideas for Streaks:
An extra 1/4 mile per day at the end of the day: walking/jogging .25 miles, will take 90s to 5 minutes.  This seems small.  Exactly!  BUT, it adds up to 90 miles over a year, almost 4 marathons!
30 Crunches per day – takes 30 seconds and adds up to 11,000 crunches over the year and a tightened midsection!
30 Pushups per day – talk about toned shoulders, triceps, chest and more.  30 a day is not too much, but enough to rack up 11,000 pushups and good lookin’ delts
30 Squats per day – 11,000 squats in a year, enough said.  Your legs will be STRONG and SVELTE.
A vegetable every day – find a way to have a veggie EVERY day.  Sounds easy, and it is.  But most people don’t do it.
The options are endless!  Think of something you’re passionate about or would like to work on; identify a small dose of it, and DO IT EVERY SINGLE DAY, start your streak, YOU CAN DO IT!
Another option is to create a new streak every month and shoot for 30-day streaks.
The power and momentum of THE STREAK are invaluable.  Let’s GO!

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