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Stay on the New Years Resolution Bandwagon!

We all do it, every year- Create a list of New Year’s resolutions to make this the best year yet! Often these include getting in shape, eating better, losing weight.  Some feasible, others not feasible.  Typically, we get overwhelmed with our list and one by one, our resolutions drop like flies.  With a few tricks though, you CAN make this the healthiest year yet!

  • Sleep well.  A recent study looked at people addicted to hard drugs. One group slept for less than seven hours, and the other group slept a full eight hours. The group who slept less showed impairment in the section of the brain responsiblefor distinguishing between short-term gratification and long-term goals.
  •  Meditate. Meditation is all about controlling the thoughts in your mind. Can you turn off your thoughts? If you can’t, you may not be in full control, which can leave you susceptible to cravings. If meditation is new to you, start by meditating for just one minute each day. You can work your way up as you get more experience.
  • Avoid alcohol. Alcohol decreases self-awareness, and self-awareness is exactly what you’ll need to stay strong and fight those cravings.
  •  Be your own best friend. If you had a good friend who asked you to help keep her diet on track, what would you say when she was eying a cupcake? It’s not worth it? Walk away? Say these things to yourself. It may not work 100 percent of the time, but you’d be surprised at how often it does help.


1. Share your goal with a motivator, not a negative dead-weight.

The last thing you want is for the wrong person to find out that you want to improve your diet or

take a few inches off your waistline. Because he or she will try to bring you down with

negativity and get in the way of you developing new and good habits. Discuss your goals and

ideas with an encouraging friend/relative/coach that will help you stay committed and positive!

2. Figure out WHY you want to accomplish your goal.

If you want to drop15 extra pounds…think about why. And don’t think this is obvious stuff

either. What you need to know is what personally motivates you and gets you emotionally

involved. Is it because you want to look better? Get healthier? Have more energy? Attract a new

mate? Re-attract an old one? Figure it out.

3. Use this reason to keep you going when things get rough.

Whenever you feel like giving up or taking it easy after a couple months have gone by and your

goals lose their luster, remember your reason for making the goal in the first place. Focus on that

and your fire will reignite.

4. Get around like-minded people.

This means avoiding your friends who overeat if you want to clean up your diet. And getting

around active people if you want to exercise more. Like it or not, it’s a lot harder to accomplish

something alone. Success is contagious, so is complacency.

5. If you stumble a bit, shrug it off.

Don’t panic if you miss a workout or have one bad meal; don’t waste time feeling bad. Just get

started again and treat it as a learning experience. Create a schedule when it comes to working

out and think ahead about your meals; our trouble meals occur when we haven’t planned

anything and get stuck hungry at the last second.

Arm yourself with these five strategies and you’ll get halfway through 2014, look back, and

realize you’ve transformed your body for the better.

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