Our practice is based in Louisville, KY, where we specialize in the at-home treatment of chronic and acute wounds using advanced skin replacement therapy.  We use chorionic membranes derived from the chorion and amnion of placental tissue to stimulate healing and skin growth. We work closely with home health agencies to provide the most comprehensive treatment plans possible to heal difficult wounds.  Heuser Wound Care’s scope of practice is specific to the wounds being treated. We defer primary patient care to the patient’s PCP and assist the nursing team in creating a care plan specific to the patient’s wound care needs.

Heuser Wound Care was created in 2021 by Dr. Louis Heuser, a general surgeon who has been practicing for over 40 years.  Dr. Heuser has had tremendous success in healing thousands of difficult wounds throughout his medical career. His surgical background allows for several more advanced treatment methods in the home, keeping the patient out of the hospital as well as saving on transportation and other expenses incurred by the patient. He is joined by his wife, Peggy Heuser, an APRN with a surgical background, and Dr. Donna Gatewood, a family practice physician who came on board in 2023.

Our Approach

Heuser Wound Care specializes in the use of “advanced modalities”, but also provides several other services that can be beneficial to the overall wellness of the patient.  Attached to this letter is a one-page document listing all the services available to you, as a visiting healthcare provider. Our goal is to provide an extra level of care for your treatment plan.  We are here to help both the healthcare team and the patient.  This one-page explains our services, what insurance we accept, how to reach our staff, and how to refer patients to our practice.

Our Region

We are expanding our territory to Fayette County, specifically the city of Lexington and surrounding areas.  We would appreciate the chance to meet your practitioners and explain who we are and what we can provide to your company.  We would be happy to provide lunch or breakfast, whatever works best for your group.