Heuser Health


Our Philosophy

The core tenet of the Heuser Health philosophy is that the ability to better one’s health through fitness and nutrition is a scientific fact. Chronic illnesses like hypertension, obesity and diabetes can be treated and reversed without the need for expensive drugs or surgeries.

The reason other programs fail is that they either aren’t comprehensive or they are not based on modern medical science. The Heuser Health way is both. Developed by Dr. Heuser in response to the failures of our current healthcare system, we involve our members in their own healthy outcomes. Instead of treating the illness or its symptoms, we treat people as whole human beings with the knowledge that there are many moving parts to maintaining an ongoing healthy life.

To manage these aspects together, we create custom strategic plans for each member. The plan is one part guide and one part journal. In it, our members note their initial health metrics, then record their progress at three months and 6 months. The difference is always right there on paper as waistlines shrink, cholesterol lowers and fitness scores improve. These effects come from attending workouts with our trainers multiple times per week and eating smart every day.

We are certain that this straightforward no-nonsense approach works because we’ve seen it happen time and time again. All members who stick with it will lose weight, decrease body fat, increase muscle mass and improve their cardiovascular endurance. This directly influences them to have more energy, a brighter outlook on life, and more enjoyment with a body that looks and feels better than it has in years.