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Heuser Health plans to help you restore hormones to optimal levels. We can have your hormone panels expertly reviewed and begin to replace the essential balance that is needed to allow you to achieve optimized health, all while preventing and treating disease, growing muscle, losing fat and restoring vitality.

We will obtain vital signs, body measurements and perform a current fitness test. Appropriate lab work will be prescribed and labs can be drawn on-site or at the lab of your choice. In many cases, the labs are covered by most medical insurance.

If lab findings are optimal, no hormone replacement may be required, and we will focus our attention on establishing new ways to optimize your health including possible nutrition education, specialty fitness classes and more. We will plan to see you back in 6-12 months to re-evaluate your progress.

If your labs are not within an optimal range, hormone replacement therapy will be prescribed, other abnormalities will be discussed and treatment will be recommended. Initially, it will be necessary to see you each month to re-draw the abnormal labs and update measurements until we are within an optimal range.

Once “Optimized Health” is achieved we will follow you quarterly to review your numbersand measure and evaluate your progress.


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