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Welcome from our CEO

I became acutely aware of the value of exercise in the fifth grade, the first year we were required to take the President’s Physical Fitness Test. I failed the test and was extremely embarrassed in front of my classmates. I was the class president and the physical failure was devastating. I started reading every body building book and magazine I could get my hands on. I hid in the basement and exercised in secret to overcome the disability. I was all alone and miserable but I was adamant I could turn the problem around.

That turning around took awhile but by the time puberty caught up with me, I had built a fairly fit body. I was never an outstanding athlete but I got most of my college tuition paid by pole vaulting. Finally, I had some self esteem. Exercise was my awakening to a new way of life.

Even through my residency and during the time I had my surgical practice, when it would have been easy to not exercise and instead devote the time to my work, I still exercised. I found I was able to give more to my patients if I took the time to care for myself. Exercise is now part of my daily routine. It’s as natural to me as eating and breathing.

The bottom line to this story is that if I can be fit, anybody can be fit. You just need to understand that fitness is all about nutrition and exercise. When I say exercise, I mean effective exercise.

I gained valuable knowledge of nutrition during medical school and my surgical residency. Surgeons learned how to feed people by vein in the early ‘70s. This was especially important for burn victims and patients with massive abdominal wounds because they cannot be fed by mouth. With the GI tract unavailable, we learned how to give every gram of protein, carbohydrate, fat and vitamins in liquid suspension intravenously. I was very much involved from the ground up in surgical nutrition challenges with extremely difficult cases. We had incredibly gratifying results saving people who would have died just months before we learned these new techniques. The same nutrition science that heals massive wounds also builds fit bodies in healthy people. But, I can assure you, it’s a lot more fun to actually EAT protein carbohydrates and fat.

I founded Heuser Health because I watched the overall health of Americans deteriorate over the past 30 years. As I got older, my patients got sicker. Not from the diseases that sent them to me and to the hospital, but because they were getting fatter and fatter. They were suffering from heart disease, hypertension and diabetes. My breast cancer patients were not ultimately dying of breast cancer. I often cured them of that. If, several years later, they didn’t die from a heart attack, it was from something else related to their obesity and lack of fitness. I saw more and more patients develop surgical complications due to diabetes. Easy operations were made difficult because of the patients’ fat. To make matters worse, no one in medicine was doing anything to help people stop or reverse all these preventable diseases.

My interest in nutrition and exercise was the answer to this frustrating dilemma. Heuser Health was developed to enable people to help themselves by eating nutritious foods and exercising effectively—building fit, healthy, vigorous bodies. At Heuser Health we reverse or STOP 90% of the diseases that kill people. It’s that simple.

Heuser Haelth is the place to learn how to take control of your life and live a healthy lifestyle. The whole family is invited to learn together to have generations of wellness.