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Sweat Equity

At ELEVATE Fitness, we believe that there are no shortcuts or clever tricks to getting healthy. It takes actual, physical hard work and sweat to overcome our sedentary habits and improve our long term health. This active participation is what we call sweat equity. It is an investment in yourself and your future and is expected of all members.

It’s important as well to note what sweat equity is not. It is not a competition. Each member works at the appropriate intensity as determined by heart rate, not repetitions or distance. Sweat equity is also not mindless work. In addition to all activities being calibrated by our degreed exercise physiologists for maximum effect, our members often get a lesson at the same time. Topics range from education about nutrition to why the class is doing certain exercises that day to methods of stress-relief in our daily life.

Overall, we believe that it is this personal investment in health that creates the long-term behavioral changes necessary for sustained healthy living.