Heuser Health

Average Results for Adult Fitness Programs:
  • loses 10 pounds (for those who need weight loss)
  • blood pressure drops 18 points
  • strength increases 206%
  • cardiovascular endurance increases 50-75%
  • 4 inches off the waist
  • body fat decreases 30%

Our Results Speak for Themselves


Joined 2008
Corporate affiliation: New Age Technologies

When I joined Heuser Health I was in terrible shape. The only exercise I got was playing golf which was kind of a joke since I rode in a cart. I started the Heuser workouts and began eating according to the Heuser nutrition plan. Since beginning I have lost 25 pounds and have run 2 marathons and 11 half marathons. Heuser Health has helped me to make 180 degree change in my health.


I was never into fitness before joining Heuser Health. I was on medication for my blood pressure when I first joined and thought a Dairy Queen Blizzard was an acceptable beverage. Today, thanks to the trainer lead workouts and nutrition counseling at Heuser Health, I am off my blood pressure meds, I drink fruit smoothies rather than Blizzards, I run half marathons and am in the best shape of my life.


Joined 2011
Corporate affiliation: Genscape

I have always been a runner and thought I had a really good grasp of nutrition. As the Human Resources director for Genscape, I was looking for a corporate wellness program for our employees. I tried out Heuser Health to see if the classes would be a good fit for my employees. As a result, 3 years later I have become a fan. I learned that running alone is not going to lead to my healthiest body. The strength training at Heuser Health, combine with cardio workouts have given me a much healthier body. I have less lower back and knee pain and I sleep better than when I was just running on my own. I tell my employees who sign up for Heuser Health, “You just wait, you’re body will start to change but not just the way it looks. Your body totally changes the way it feels.”


Joined 2011
Corporate affiliation: Papa John’s

I was a coach potato before Heuser Health started offering classes at my work-place. Having classes taught in the same building where I work erased any excuses for not being able to make it to a workout. The nutrition classes taught me to eat the right foods, the correct quantities, and to make choices that give me more energy. Today I am 30 pounds lighter than before Heuser Health. I have gone down 2 pant and shirt sizes. I can now wear my 18 year old son’s clothes. My cholesterol has dropped 20 points and thanks to a Heuser Training Series for the Kentucky Derby Festival Mini Marathon, I finished the 13.1 mile race. It’s hard to describe how wonderful that accomplishment was for me. I don’t think I could have done it without the gradual improvements I made in my fitness level and nutrition thanks to Heuser Health.


Joined 2012
Corporate affiliation: Guess

I used to sleep 16-17 hours a day. I had no energy to do anything. When Heuser Health came to my work and offered classes I thought it might help me to feel better. Boy do I! Thanks to great Heuser trainers like Katie Puffer, I always feel encouraged and watched over. Recently Katie told me to try my chest press workout with 20 pound weights. I was sure I could not do that, but thanks to her confidence in my fitness level I did lift that weight. Every Heuser workout is like that for me. I keep getting fitter and fitter. So far, I have lost 65 pounds. Katie has taken me shopping for new clothes, and has become a wonderful friend and mentor.