Heuser Health


without the pills

Heuser Diagnostics is scientific wellcare that engages members to advance their own health. Our team of physicians, nurses and medical experts compliment your primary care to help eliminate 90% of chronic diseases. Our initial check-up and timely tune-ups are commonly free with your health insurance and ensure members are on track to achieve their goals through fitness and nutrition.

Not a Health Plan,
but a Plan To Be Healthy

All members start their journey at Heuser Health with a Wellness Assessment. During that assessment, our physicians will ask questions about your current health and goals as well as take measurements like your body mass index, blood pressure and maximum heart rate. That’s right, you’ll be up and moving your first day here! You will then receive your Strategic Plan for Health, a customized program made just for you to get on track for a healthy life. Along the way, our physicians will be there to measure your progress and calibrate your plan so you are always living the life of optimal health.

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