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Aging:  Traditionally, has been viewed as a physiological and unavoidable process. However, recently experts in lifestyle medicine (such as Heuser Optimized Health) have proven that we do not have to accept the grim stereotype of aging as an unalterable process of decline and loss. At Heuser Optimized Health we offer safe and effective medical interventions including […]

Testosterone therapy

Testosterone therapy has proven to be a “game changer” for many of our patients – both men and women.  When prescribed responsibly, at effective levels and as part of a comprehensive health plan, Testosterone therapy can decrease visceral fat mass, increased insulin sensitivity, decrease fasting blood glucose, decrease cholesterol and triglycerides levels, as well as […]

Estrogen for women

Estrogen – why it’s important Improves bone density – protects against osteoporosis and osteopenia Adding estrogen dramatically reduces the risk of CV disease in previously healthy postmenopausal women by up to 50% (Shoupe D. Hormone replacement therapy: reassessing the risks and benefits.  Pract. 1999 Aug 15;34(8):97-103, 107-8, 113-114) Protects against Alzheimer’s disease and dementia Protects […]

What makes HOH better than the competition?

WHAT MAKES HEUSER OPTIMIZED HEALTH (HOH) BETTER THAN THE COMPETITION?  -We do not “just” draw lab work and order hormone replacement for our patients. WE OFFER SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.  -Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are led by our Medical Director, Louis Heuser, MD, who was Chief of Surgery at Norton for over 25 years, and for […]

Women & Aging

Women & Aging: With age comes a diminished capacity for cellular protein synthesis, a decline in immune function, an increase in fat mass, a loss of muscle mass and strength, and a decrease in bone mineral density. (Biomedicine, 2000 Jan: 3(1):6-7) However, Bio Identical Hormone Replacement has proven to be very successful in protecting our patients […]

Progesterone – Is the BOMB!

Why is Progesterone the BOMB!? No woman should ever be without bioidentical Progesterone It is excellent therapy for PMS It decreases headaches and bloating associated with menstruation Progesterone moderates many side effects of excess estrogen such as uterine fibroids and excessively heavy periods Very effective treatment for postpartum depression Is the ONLY effective natural treatment […]


Men & Aging: Traditional Western Medicine has viewed decreased lean muscle mass, increased fat mass, increased insulin resistance, and decreased libido as just a normal part of aging for men. However, studies have proven that supplementing testosterone in aging and older men can sometimes protect patients from the adverse effects of aging.  The results produce […]

Androgen Deficiency…

Androgen Deficiency…  Androgen deficiency in women is a topic that the medical community has been slow to address. Recently it has become apparent that androgens (i.e. Testosterone), stereotypically male hormones, also play a significant role in women’s health. Evidence now shows that many women – premenopausal and postmenopausal – do suffer from androgen deficiency (Guay, […]

How are your DHEA levels?

How are your DHEA levels? Decreased serum dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) concentrations may be associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. How are your DHEA levels? Call us today @ Heuser Optimized Health to determine if higher DHEA levels would improve your health. Let us help you CHANGE YOUR LIFE​!

What can H.O.H. do for you?

What can Heuser Optimized Health do for you? Along with a comprehensive exercise program and healthy diet, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement can increase your lean muscle mass, improve your cholesterol levels, lower your blood pressure, prevent and/or reverse Type 2 diabetes, help you lose fat, increase your energy, mood and libido! Are you ready to CHANGE […]