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The Three Macronutrients and Energy Density

The energy or calories in the food we eat comes from three macronutrients: proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Macro means large, and these basic nutrients are necessary in large quantities to sustain our growth, metabolism, and other bodily functions. Our bodies require other nutrients, too, like essential vitamins and minerals. However, these micronutrients are required in smaller […]

Heuser Spin Class (Every Tuesday at noon)

Spinning is a great compliment to our Heuser Fitness programming. We offer an instructor led class every Tuesday at high noon.  Mark your calendars now and plan to add spinning to your weekly regime. Come ready to sweat! Spinning is a specific format of indoor cycling. Spinning is a cardio (aerobic) workout set to music […]

Cardiovascular Interval Training

At Heuser Fitness, we focus on cardiovascular interval training. This is an efficient way to achieve fat loss. Let us explain how this is done: ATP is your body’s major source of energy. The body uses 3 sources of energy to sustain production of ATP: 1.  The first source of energy production comes from creatine phosphate […]

Take the Heuser New Year/New You 16-Day Challenge

Heuser Fitness Fans… YOU’VE BEEN CHALLENGED! Take the 16-Day Heuser New Year Challenge and compete for a swag bag to start off the New Year/New You. Work your way through the holidays and earn some extra cheat calories. Starting Monday, December 16, in addition to your normal routine, complete the following 16 exercises every day […]