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Heuser High Five: Amy Stemmle

Her Heuser Story:

Amy was born and raised in Louisville, KY. During the day, she works as a Senior Account Manager/Office Manager at Commonwealth Insurance Partners, and at night, she can be found teaching at her dance studio, Dance 502. She’s married with 2 kids, 2 dogs and too many hermit crabs.  She joined Heuser in November 2014 when her boss decided to offer it as a benefit to interested employees. She knew she needed some extra help after having her second child and was stoked to join the program. She was a casual member that enjoyed the classes when she could make it, but got a lot more serious in 2015 when she took ownership of her dance studio and wanted to be a better role model for her kids and students.  

Since joining Heuser, Amy is down 25 pounds and several dress sizes. She still wants to lose 50 more pounds but in the meantime is enjoying other gym-related victories. She holds 4 (very prestigious though some were won uncontested) Heuser individual medals, her team came in 8th (not last place!) in the most recent Heuser Cup and she can now bench press 145 lbs.After starting to regularly attend the Thursday Bodybuilding class and discovering her love of lifting heavy weights, she started personal training with Heuser trainer Donny Hack who causally mentioned training for a powerlifting competition. Amy ran with it and trainer Donny is now Coach Donny. She’s hoping to finally compete in 2018!


Fun Facts About Amy:

  • She owns a dance studio and loves to teach dance
  • Loves going to the gym (most of the time!)
  • Enjoys hanging out with her husband and two kiddos


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