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Heuser High Five: Rick Redding


Heuser High Five – Rick Redding

Rick is a Louisville native, went to Iroquois HS, class of ’78 and graduated from Western Kentucky in ’82. Rick has worked in media since 1996, first as a Business First reporter, and later as the city’s first online news blogger. Now Rick owns and operates LouisvilleKY.com, RustySatelliteShow.com (podcast) and EatDrinkTalk.net (podcast). He is also a freelance writer. The Rusty Satellite podcast has aired every week for five years (in June).

Rick knew the Heusers from a few years back when the company he used to work for needed some athletes for the Derby Festival Bed Race, and he got Chip Heuser to help organize the team. Later on Rick joined the program and took some of the classes but later had to quit when he had ankle surgery. Rick eventually found his way back to Heuser Health. After meeting with Peggy and saw what he needed to work on, he signed back up.

In the first two months, Rick has lost about 12 pounds and 2.5 inches off his waistline. Thanks to Peggy’s advice, Rick has completely changed his diet, giving up pizza, pasta, potatoes, and bourbon, replacing with plenty of fruits, veggies and fish and chicken. Rick has also dropped his A1C from 6.7% down to 5.7%.

“I started at 221 pounds, and I’d love to eventually get down to 185. I want to continue to build strength and be able to do more of the exercises in classes, and with more weight. Generally, I have an improved outlook, feel better, and think I’m more energetic.”



Fun Facts about Rick:

  • Rick was the city’s first online news blogger.
  • Loves to get out to the golf course
  • Loves to ride his road bike around town